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linguistic context


Definitions from WordNet

Noun linguistic context has 1 sense
  1. context, linguistic context, context of use - discourse that surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation
    --1 is a kind of discourse

Definitions from the Web

Linguistic Context


Linguistic context refers to the surrounding words, expressions, or phrases that help determine the meaning of a particular word or phrase within a given language. It involves analyzing the words that come before and after the target word in order to fully comprehend its intended meaning.

Sample Sentences:

  1. The linguistic context of the word "run" can vary depending on whether it is used in a sports or business context.
  2. Understanding the linguistic context of a sentence is crucial for accurate translation.
  3. When reading a challenging text, it's important to consider the linguistic context to avoid misinterpretation.
  4. The use of pronouns without clear antecedents can make it difficult to establish the linguistic context of a sentence.

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