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leyden jar


Definitions from WordNet

Noun leyden jar has 1 sense
  1. Leiden jar, Leyden jar - an electrostatic capacitor of historical interest
    --1 is a kind of capacitor, capacitance, condenser, electrical condenser

Definitions from the Web

Leyden Jar


A Leyden Jar is a device that stores electrical energy in the form of static electricity. It consists of a glass jar filled with a conductive material, usually a metal foil, and separated by an insulating material (dielectric) such as glass or plastic.

Senses and Usages:

1. Noun - Static Electricity Storage Device:

In its primary sense, a Leyden Jar is a type of capacitor used to store and discharge static electricity. When charged, it can retain a significant amount of electrical energy until it is discharged.


Benjamin Franklin used a Leyden Jar to store the static electricity he obtained from his famous kite experiment.

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2. Popular Usage - Symbol of Early Electrification:

Leyden Jar is often used symbolically to represent the early history of electricity and electrical experiments.


The illustration on the museum's brochure depicted Benjamin Franklin holding a Leyden Jar, symbolizing his contribution to the field of electricity.

3. Local Usage - Dutch Heritage:

In some regions, particularly the Netherlands, the term "Leyden Jar" might refer to a local specialty such as a jar filled with traditional Dutch pastries or other local delicacies.


We decided to try the local cuisine and ordered the Leyden Jar, a dessert filled with delicious Dutch treats.

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