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Noun levi has 1 sense
  1. Matthew, Saint Matthew, St. Matthew, Saint Matthew the Apostle, St. Matthew the Apostle, Levi - (New Testament) disciple of Jesus; traditionally considered to be the author of the first Gospel
    --1 is a kind of Apostle; Evangelist; saint

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Singular: levi

Plural: levis

Sense 1:

A brand of denim jeans.

Example: She bought a new pair of levis for the party.

Sense 2:

A Jewish surname.

Example: Sheldon Levi is a well-known professor of economics.


Sense 1:

Popular; well-liked.

Example: The movie was a levi hit, attracting millions of viewers.

Sense 2:

Local; pertaining to a specific locality.

Example: The levi cuisine in this region includes unique flavors and spices.

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Sense 1:

To carry, bear, or transport something.

Example: They had to levi the heavy suitcase up the stairs.

Sense 2:

To withstand or tolerate a difficult situation.

Example: Despite all the challenges, she managed to levi the tough times.

Sense 3:

To levy a tax or charge.

Example: The government decided to levi a new tax on luxury goods.

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