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letters of administration


Definitions from WordNet

Noun letters of administration has 1 sense
  1. letters of administration - legal document naming someone to administer an estate when no executor has been named
    --1 is a kind of
    legal document, legal instrument, official document, instrument

Definitions from the Web

Letters of Administration


Letters of Administration refer to a legal document issued by a court that authorizes a person to administer the estate of a deceased individual who did not leave a will (intestate).

Senses and Usages:

Sense 1:

Noun (Plural: Letters of Administration)

A document granting legal authority to administer the estate of a deceased individual when there is no valid will.

Example Sentence: After her father's sudden passing, Sarah had to obtain letters of administration to handle his estate.

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Sense 2:


In a local context, "letters of administration" can refer to a specific bureaucratic process or requirements related to probate laws.

Example Sentence: The local courthouse provides detailed information on obtaining letters of administration in this jurisdiction.

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