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leifsonia aquatica


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Leifsonia Aquatica


Leifsonia Aquatica is a species of bacteria that belongs to the genus Leifsonia. It is commonly found in aquatic environments, such as lakes, rivers, and wetlands. This gram-positive bacterium is characterized by its rod-shaped cells and is known for its ability to degrade complex organic compounds.


Sense 1 - Noun (Microbiology):

A species of bacteria belonging to the genus Leifsonia, commonly found in aquatic environments.

Sense 2 - Adjective (Describing Bacterial Strains):

Pertaining to or derived from Leifsonia Aquatica or its strains.

Sample Sentences:

1. The presence of Leifsonia Aquatica in the water sample indicated a high level of organic pollution.

2. Researchers are studying the metabolic pathways of Leifsonia Aquatica for possible bioremediation applications.

3. This strain of Leifsonia Aquatica exhibits strong resistance to environmental stressors.

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