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legal assistant


Definitions from WordNet

Noun legal assistant has 1 sense
  1. paralegal, legal assistant - a person with specialized training who assists lawyers
    --1 is a kind of paraprofessional

Definitions from the Web

Legal Assistant

Definition: A professional who supports lawyers and legal teams in their daily work by performing various administrative and clerical tasks.

Sense 1: Referring to a person who assists lawyers in preparing legal documents, conducting research, and coordinating schedules.

Example sentence 1 (noun): The legal assistant drafted a thorough contract for the client's business partnership.

Example sentence 2 (noun): She joined the law firm as a legal assistant, excited to gain firsthand experience in the legal field.

Sense 2: Referring to the job title or role itself.

Example sentence 3 (adjective): Lisa's aspiration to become a legal assistant motivated her to pursue a paralegal certification.

Example sentence 4 (adjective): The law firm advertised a vacant position for a legal assistant with excellent organizational skills.

Sense 3 (Local): Referring to a legal assistant who works at the local level and primarily serves clients within a specific region or area.

Example sentence 5 (noun): As a local legal assistant, John has an in-depth understanding of the regional laws and regulations.

Example sentence 6 (noun): We consulted a knowledgeable legal assistant from our community to assist with our estate planning.

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