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leave key


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Leave Key

Noun: A small key used to securely lock and unlock a key-operated lockbox or an electronic lockbox.

Example sentences:

  • Make sure to lock the house using the leave key before going on vacation.
  • The real estate agent handed me the leave key to access the property.
  • With just a leave key, you can safely store and retrieve keys from a lockbox.

Verb (Intransitive): To depart or go away from a place.

Example sentences:

  • We should leave the party soon before it gets too late.
  • As the clock struck midnight, the guests started to leave one by one.
  • When the movie ended, everyone began to leave the theater.

Verb (Transitive): To cause or allow someone or something to remain in a particular position or condition.

Example sentences:

  • Please leave the door closed to keep the noise out.
  • The teacher asked us to leave our bags by the door before entering the classroom.
  • I will leave a message for her on the desk so that she knows I stopped by.

Adjective: Pertaining to an area or community that is not widely known or recognized.

Example sentences:

  • I discovered this amazing leave key café hidden in the backstreets of the city.
  • The local artisan markets often showcase unique and leave key crafts.
  • Our guide took us to a leave key restaurant where we tasted authentic regional dishes.

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