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lead poisoning


Definitions from WordNet

Noun lead poisoning has 1 sense
  1. lead poisoning, plumbism, saturnism - toxic condition produced by the absorption of excessive lead into the system
    --1 is a kind of illness, unwellness, malady, sickness

Definitions from the Web

Lead Poisoning


Lead poisoning refers to the harmful accumulation of lead in the body, typically caused by exposure to lead-contaminated materials or substances. It can have severe health impacts, especially in children.

Parts of Speech:

  • Noun


  1. A condition resulting from the ingestion or inhalation of lead.


  1. Medical: Lead poisoning can lead to developmental delays and cognitive impairments in children.
  2. Environmental: Elevated levels of lead in drinking water pose a risk of lead poisoning.
  3. Occupational: Workers in industries involving lead-based paints or batteries are susceptible to lead poisoning.

Sample Sentences:

  1. The pediatrician ran tests to check if the child had lead poisoning.
  2. Exposure to deteriorating lead pipes can increase the risk of lead poisoning.
  3. Proper safety measures must be implemented to prevent lead poisoning among workers.

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