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lap of luxury


Definitions from WordNet

Noun lap of luxury has 1 sense
  1. lap of luxury - in conditions of wealth and comfort; "he was raised in the lap of luxury"
    --1 is a kind of
    ease, comfort

Definitions from the Web

Lap of Luxury


The "Lap of Luxury" refers to a state or experience of exceptionally luxurious and comfortable living. It is a phrase commonly used to describe a lifestyle characterized by extravagant indulgence and opulence.


Sense 1:

Noun: an extremely luxurious and comfortable living environment or experience.

Example sentence: She decided to treat herself to a weekend at a five-star resort and enjoyed the lap of luxury.

Sense 2:

Idiom: in a state of extreme comfort, wealth, or indulgence.

Example sentence: After winning the lottery, they were finally able to live in the lap of luxury.

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