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john bunyan


Definitions from WordNet

Noun john bunyan has 1 sense
  1. Bunyan, John Bunyan - English preacher and author of an allegorical novel, Pilgrim's Progress (1628-1688)
    --1 is a kind of preacher, preacher man, sermonizer, sermoniser; writer, author

Definitions from the Web

John Bunyan


John Bunyan was a 17th-century English writer and preacher renowned for his famous Christian allegory, "The Pilgrim's Progress." He is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential religious writers in English literature.

Sample Sentences:

- Noun - Person: John Bunyan's works continue to inspire readers of all ages. - Noun - Place: The John Bunyan Museum in Bedford, England, commemorates the life and works of the author. - Adjective: Reading "The Pilgrim's Progress" can provide a truly Bunyanesque experience. - Verb: The preacher passionately Bunyanized his sermons, engaging the entire congregation.

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