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jelly bean


Definitions from WordNet

Noun jelly bean has 1 sense
  1. jelly bean, jelly egg - sugar-glazed jellied candy
    --1 is a kind of candy

Definitions from the Web

Jelly Bean


A jelly bean is a small, flavored gelatinous candy with a hard sugar coating.

Sample sentences:

  • I love eating jelly beans, especially the sour ones.
  • She picked up a handful of colorful jelly beans from the jar.
  • The kids enjoyed hunting for jelly beans during the Easter egg hunt.

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If something is described as jelly bean, it means it is similar to the size, shape, or color of a jelly bean.

Sample sentences:

  • The car was painted with a vibrant jelly bean color.
  • She carried a small jelly bean-shaped purse.
  • The tiny puppy curled up on the jelly bean carpet.

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