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Definitions from WordNet

Noun jampan has 1 sense
  1. jampan - a kind of sedan chair used in India
    --1 is a kind of
    sedan, sedan chair

Definitions from the Web


Noun - Popular Usage

A jampan refers to a type of sedan chair originated in South Asia, commonly used for transport purposes.

Sample Sentence: The royal family was carried in an elegant jampan during the procession.

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Noun - Local Usage

In certain regions, jampan can also refer to a type of traditional dish made from a mixture of fruits cooked with sugar, typically spread on bread or toast.

Sample Sentence: The homemade jampan made a delightful breakfast spread.

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Verb - Local Usage

In local context, jampan can also be used as a verb, representing the act of squeezing or pressing something tightly.

Sample Sentence: She jampaned the clothes into the suitcase to fit everything.

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