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Definitions from WordNet

Noun jailbird has 1 sense
  1. convict, con, inmate, jailbird, gaolbird - a person serving a sentence in a jail or prison
    --1 is a kind of prisoner, captive
    --1 has particulars: lifer

Definitions from the Web


Part of Speech: Noun

Sense: A person who has been in jail or prison, especially someone who has been in and out of jail frequently.

Usage Examples:

  1. John Smith has been known as a notorious jailbird in our town.
  2. After serving his sentence, the jailbird struggled to reintegrate into society.
  3. The book "Life Behind Bars" tells the story of a reformed jailbird turning his life around.
  4. My uncle's best friend is an ex-convict, but he is no longer a jailbird – he's completely changed.

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