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inspector general


Definitions from WordNet

Noun inspector general has 1 sense
  1. inspector general - a military officer responsible for investigations
    --1 is a kind of
    military officer, officer

Definitions from the Web

Inspector General


A high-ranking official in an organization who is responsible for overseeing and auditing the operations to ensure compliance with rules, regulations, and ethical standards.

Example sentence: The inspector general is conducting an investigation into allegations of corruption within the police department.


In the United States, the head of an independent government agency responsible for conducting audits and investigations related to the agency's programs and operations.

Example sentence: The inspector general of the Environmental Protection Agency issued a report highlighting inefficiencies in the organization's waste disposal practices.


In the military, a high-ranking officer who is responsible for overseeing the inspection and investigation of personnel, equipment, and procedures.

Example sentence: The inspector general of the army issued a directive to improve the maintenance procedures for tanks.

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