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Definitions from WordNet

Adverbial inexpediently has 1 sense
  1. inexpediently - in an inexpedient manner
    expediently, inadvisably
    Derived from adjective inexpedient1

Definitions from the Web

Term: inexpediently


Adverb: In a manner that is not advantageous or suitable to achieve a specific purpose or goal.

Sense 1

Part of Speech: Adverb


  1. He inexpediently decided to quit his well-paying job without having another source of income.
  2. The manager inexpediently delayed the product launch, causing a loss in market share.

Sense 2

Part of Speech: Adverb


  1. The company's decision to cut funding for research projects was inexpediently made, leading to a decline in innovation.
  2. The politician inexpediently voted against the bill despite its potential benefits for his constituents.

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