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Adjective inappropriate has 3 senses
  1. inappropriate - not suitable for a particular occasion etc; "noise seems inappropriate at a time of sadness"; "inappropriate shoes for a walk on the beach"; "put inappropriate pressure on them"
    appropriate, befitting, due, in order, called for, pat, proper, right, suitable
  2. inappropriate, incorrect, wrong - not conforming with accepted standards of propriety or taste; undesirable; "incorrect behavior"; "she was seen in all the wrong places"; "He thought it was wrong for her to go out to work"
    Antonym: proper (indirect, via improper)
  3. inappropriate, incompatible, out or keeping, unfitting - not in keeping with what is correct or proper; "completely inappropriate behavior"
    Antonyms: congruous, congruent (indirect, via incongruous)
inappetent inapplicability inapplicable inapposite inappositeness inappreciable inapprehension inappropiate inappropriate inappropriately inappropriateness inapt inaptitude inaptness inarguable inargurating inarticulate

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