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Definitions from WordNet

Noun inadvisability has 1 sense
  1. inadvisability - the quality of being ill advised
    --1 is a kind of
    bad, badness
    Antonyms: advisability

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Inadvisability is the state or quality of being ill-advised or not recommended.



  1. The inadvisability of quitting his stable job without having another source of income was clear to him.
  2. She ignored her doctor's advice, not realizing the inadvisability of doing so.


  1. Due to the rainstorm, the hike was canceled due to its inadvisability.
  2. He warned her against the inadvisable decision to invest all her savings in the risky business venture.


  1. He proceeded inadvisably, disregarding common sense and logic.
  2. She hurried inadvisably across the busy intersection, risking her safety.

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