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Impotentia is a Latin term that refers to the lack of power or ability to perform a specific action or achieve a desired outcome.


  1. Noun:
    • The incapacity or inability to accomplish a particular task or goal.
    • Sexual impotence or the inability to attain or maintain an erection.
    • Psychological or emotional powerlessness or helplessness.
  2. Latin term:
    • Literally means "inability" or "lack of power" in Latin.


Noun - Task Achievement:

  1. Despite her efforts, the impotentia of convincing the board members prevented her proposal from being accepted.
  2. Political impotentia can hinder the implementation of important policies.

Noun - Sexual Impotence:

  1. He sought medical advice to address his impotentia and regain sexual confidence.
  2. The older man was ashamed of his impotentia and avoided intimate relationships.

Noun - Psychological Powerlessness:

  1. She suffered from a deep impotentia, feeling helpless and unable to make any positive changes in her life.
  2. The impotentia she felt after losing her job led to a state of depression.

Latin Term:

  1. The term "impotentia" originated from the Latin word "im-," meaning "not," and "potens," meaning "able" or "powerful."
  2. Impotentia was a concept often discussed in ancient Roman literature.

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