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implosion therapy


Definitions from WordNet

Noun implosion therapy has 1 sense
  1. implosion therapy, flooding - a technique used in behavior therapy; client is flooded with experiences of a particular kind until becoming either averse to them or numbed to them
    --1 is a kind of behavior therapy, behavior modification

Definitions from the Web

Implosion Therapy

Definition: Implosion therapy, also known as flooding, is a psychological treatment method used to confront and overcome specific fears or phobias by exposing individuals to the very thing they fear in a controlled and safe environment.

Sense 1: Implosion Therapy (noun) - A form of psychotherapy that aims to alleviate anxiety and phobias by exposing the individual to the feared object or situation in a highly concentrated and intense manner.

Example Sentence: During implosion therapy, a person with a spider phobia might be exposed to a room full of spiders to help them confront and overcome their fear.

Sense 2: Implosion Therapy (noun) - The deliberate act of collapsing or causing a collapse of a structure inward due to an explosive force or other means.

Example Sentence: The demolition crew used implosion therapy to bring down the old building, carefully calculating the blast to ensure a controlled and controlled collapse.

Sense 3: Implosion Therapy (noun) - A popular gaming technique where players simulate enemy invasions leading to the collapse of their opponent's strategic defenses.

Example Sentence: The gamers strategized their implosion therapy, coordinating simultaneous attacks on multiple fronts, causing their opponent's defenses to crumble.

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