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Noun iconoclast has 1 sense
  1. iconoclast, image breaker - someone who tries to destroy traditional ideas or institutions
    --1 is a kind of destroyer, ruiner, undoer, waster, uprooter

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An iconoclast is a person who challenges or rejects established traditions, beliefs, or societal norms.


  1. Noun: An individual who breaks from religious or cultural traditions, especially by opposing the veneration of religious icons.
  2. Noun: A person who challenges or defies conventional opinions and principles.
  3. Adjective: Characterizing a person or their behavior as challenging or deviating from accepted norms.


  1. Noun - Religious Context: The iconoclasts condemned the worship of religious statues and paintings as a form of idolatry.
  2. Noun - General Context: He was known as an iconoclast because of his groundbreaking theories on psychedelics.
  3. Adjective: Her iconoclast approach to fashion always turned heads at high-profile events.

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