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hymn of mourning


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Hymn of Mourning


A hymn of mourning refers to a solemn and melancholic song or musical composition that is typically performed or sung in memorial or funeral services to express grief, sorrow, or remembrance for someone who has passed away.

Parts of Speech

  • Noun: The hymn of mourning touched everyone's hearts during the funeral service.
  • Adjective: The choir sang a haunting hymn of mourning to pay tribute to the deceased loved one.

Senses and Usages

  1. Sense: Funeral or Memorial Services

    In this sense, the hymn of mourning is a musical composition specifically created to evoke emotions of grief, lamentation, and homage during funeral or memorial services.

    Example Sentences:
    1. The congregation softly sang a hymn of mourning as they bid their final farewell to their beloved pastor.
    2. The mourners were moved to tears when the soloist performed a poignant hymn of mourning during the memorial service.
  2. Sense: Personal Grieving or Reflection

    In a broader sense, a hymn of mourning can also be a deeply melancholic or mournful song that individuals listen to during personal moments of grieving, reflection, or remembrance.

    Example Sentences:
    1. After losing her dearest friend, Emily found solace in playing a hymn of mourning on her piano.
    2. Samuel often listens to hymns of mourning as a way to honor and remember his late grandmother.

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