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Term: hyhy

Part of Speech: Noun

Sense: Hyhy is a slang term used to refer to a person who is extremely hilarious and has a knack for making others laugh.


  1. Jeff is such a hyhy, he always cracks me up with his jokes.
  2. Everyone loves hanging out with Jane, she is the ultimate hyhy of our group.

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Part of Speech: Adjective

Sense: Hyhy used as an adjective describes something or someone as extremely funny or hilarious.


  1. We watched a hyhy movie last night, and we couldn't stop laughing throughout.
  2. Her hyhy jokes always lighten up the mood at family gatherings.

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Part of Speech: Interjection

Sense: In some regions, "hyhy" is used as an interjection to express surprise or amazement.


  1. Hyhy! Look at that incredible sunset.
  2. Hyhy, I can't believe how fast she solved that puzzle.

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