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Definitions from WordNet

Noun homily has 1 sense
  1. homily, preachment - a sermon on a moral or religious topic
    --1 is a kind of sermon, discourse, preaching

Definitions from the Web


Homilies refer to religious speeches or sermons given by priests or preachers during religious services, typically based on religious texts or teachings.

1. Noun: Religious Speeches

Homilies are short sermons or speeches given by religious leaders to provide guidance, moral teachings, and interpretations of religious texts to the congregation.

Sample sentence: During the Sunday mass, the priest delivered a heartfelt homily about forgiveness and compassion.

2. Noun: Literary Works

Homilies can also refer to written literary works that contain moral or religious teachings. These written homilies can provide spiritual knowledge and guidance to readers.

Sample sentence: The book consisted of a collection of ancient homilies where the author shared insightful lessons on finding inner peace.

3. Noun: Moralizing Speeches

Informally, homilies can be found in everyday conversations, referring to moralizing speeches that offer advice, usually in a pedantic or preachy manner.

Sample sentence: With a disapproving tone, the mother offered her son a homily on the importance of hard work and responsibility.

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