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hold firm


Definitions from WordNet

Verb hold firm has 1 sense
  1. stand pat, stand firm, hold firm, stand fast - refuse to abandon one's opinion or belief
    --1 is one way to insist, take a firm stand
    Sample sentences:
    Somebody ----s
    Somebody ----s on something

Definitions from the Web

Hold Firm


To hold firm means to remain steady, resolute, and unwavering in one's position, belief, or decision, especially in the face of adversity or opposition.

Parts of Speech

  • Verb phrase


  • (Intransitive) To maintain a strong and unyielding stance or attitude
  • (Transitive) To firmly grasp or grip something tightly


Popular Usage

1. The brave soldier held firm in defending the front line against the enemy's relentless attacks.

2. Despite facing numerous challenges, the team held firm and emerged victorious in the championship.

3. It is important to hold firm in your principles and not compromise your values.

Local Usage

1. The elderly couple held firm to their traditions and passed them down to the younger generation.

2. In our community, we hold firm to the belief that everyone deserves equal opportunities.

3. Despite the economic downturn, the local businesses held firm, supporting each other to survive.

Sample Sentences

1. The rock climber held firm onto the cliff, refusing to let go even in the face of danger.

2. The teacher's strict discipline policy helped him hold firm control over the rowdy classroom.

3. Mary's supportive friends helped her hold firm during difficult times, giving her the strength to carry on.

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