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high muckamuck


Definitions from WordNet

Noun high muckamuck has 1 sense
  1. very important person, VIP, high-up, dignitary, panjandrum, high muckamuck - an important or influential (and often overbearing) person
    --1 is a kind of important person, influential person, personage

Definitions from the Web

High Muckamuck

Part of Speech: Noun
Definition: A person who holds an esteemed or powerful position, often used mockingly or sarcastically to convey arrogance or self-importance.
Synonyms: VIP, big shot, bigwig
Antonyms: Nobody, lowly individual

Example Sentences:
1. The company's high muckamucks decided to allocate a substantial budget for marketing purposes.
2. Despite his position as a high muckamuck, Jim remained down-to-earth and approachable.
3. The high muckamuck from the prestigious university delivered an inspiring commencement speech.

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