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hearing loss


Definitions from WordNet

Noun hearing loss has 1 sense
  1. deafness, hearing loss - partial or complete loss of hearing
    --1 is a kind of hearing impairment, hearing disorder
    --1 has particulars: tone deafness, tin ear; deaf-mutism, deaf-muteness

Definitions from the Web

Hearing Loss


1. A condition in which a person has difficulty hearing or cannot hear at all.

Example sentence: She uses hearing aids because she was born with severe hearing loss.

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2. A reduction in the ability to hear sounds, caused by factors such as age, noise exposure, or medical conditions.

Example sentence: Long-term exposure to loud music can lead to gradual hearing loss.

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3. The decline in an individual's perception or understanding of auditory information.

Example sentence: Hearing loss can affect communication and make it difficult to understand conversations.


1. Referring to something or someone affected by a loss of hearing ability.

Example sentence: He is a talented musician, despite his hearing loss.


1. The act of perceiving or being aware of sounds with a diminished ability to hear them clearly.

Example sentence: She strained to listen, but her hearing loss made it challenging to understand the distant sirens.

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