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Adjective harum-scarum has 1 sense
  1. carefree, devil-may-care, freewheeling, happy-go-lucky, harum-scarum, slaphappy - cheerfully irresponsible; "carefree with his money"; "freewheeling urban youths"; "had a harum-scarum youth"
    Antonym: responsible (indirect, via irresponsible)
Adverbial harum-scarum has 1 sense
  1. harum-scarum, pell-mell - in a wild or reckless manner; "dashing harum-scarum all over the place"; "running pell-mell up the stairs"
Noun harum-scarum has 1 sense
  1. daredevil, madcap, hothead, swashbuckler, lunatic, harum-scarum - a reckless impetuous irresponsible person
    --1 is a kind of adventurer, venturer
    --1 has particulars: tearaway
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