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Adjective happy has 6 senses
  1. happy - enjoying or showing or marked by joy or pleasure or good fortune; "a happy smile"; "spent many happy days on the beach"; "a happy marriage"
    unhappy, bad, sorry, homesick, nostalgic, lovesick, miserable, suffering, wretched
  2. happy, pleased - experiencing pleasure or joy; "happy you are here"; "pleased with the good news"
    Antonym: sad (indirect, via glad)
  3. felicitous, happy - marked by good fortune; "a felicitous life"; "a happy outcome"
    Antonym: unfortunate (indirect, via fortunate)
  4. happy - satisfied; enjoying well-being and contentment; "felt content with her lot"; "quite happy to let things go on as they are"
    discontented, discontent (indirect, via contented)
  5. euphoric, happy - exaggerated feeling of well-being or elation
  6. happy, well-chosen - well expressed and to the point; "a happy turn of phrase"; "a few well-chosen words"; "a felicitous comment"
    Antonym: infelicitous (indirect, via felicitous)
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