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Noun haftorah has 1 sense
  1. Haftorah, Haftarah, Haphtorah, Haphtarah - a short selection from the Prophets read on every Sabbath in a Jewish synagogue following a reading from the Torah
    --1 is a kind of excerpt, extract, selection

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Haftorah (also spelled as Haftarah) is a term used in Judaism to refer to a selected portion from the Prophets or Writings section of the Hebrew Bible that is read publicly in the synagogue following the Torah reading on Shabbat (Sabbath) and Jewish holidays.

Senses and Usages:

1. Selection from the Prophets or Writings:

Haftorah is a designated portion of text from the Prophets or Writings that is read on Shabbat and Jewish holidays as a complementary reading after the Torah portion. This selection often relates thematically to the Torah portion.

Example Sentence:

During the Shabbat service, the rabbi read the Haftorah from the book of Isaiah, which corresponded to the Torah portion about Moses crossing the Red Sea.

2. Importance of Haftorah:

Haftorah holds significant religious and traditional importance in the Jewish faith. It serves as a way to connect the teachings of the Torah with the wisdom and prophecies found in the Prophets and Writings.

Example Sentence:

The Haftorah readings provide additional insights and spiritual guidance to the community, connecting the Torah traditions with prophetic messages.

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