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Noun graduality has 1 sense
  1. graduality, gradualness - the quality of being gradual or of coming about by gradual stages
    --1 is a kind of speed, swiftness, fastness

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Graduality refers to the quality or state of progressing or changing gradually, step by step.

Part of Speech:



1. Quality of gradual progress:

In this sense, graduality describes the characteristic of something advancing or changing in small increments over time, rather than abruptly. It implies a slow and gradual progression.

Example sentence: The company's success was a result of the graduality with which they implemented new strategies.

2. Gradualness of a process:

Here, graduality refers to the slow and steady nature of a process or action, emphasizing the absence of sudden changes or jumps.

Example sentence: The renovation project was executed with great graduality, ensuring proper attention to detail at every stage.

3. Incremental nature of development:

In this sense, graduality signifies a step-by-step development or advancement, indicating progress achieved by smaller, successive changes or stages.

Example sentence: The student's learning journey involved graduality, as they continuously built upon their knowledge to reach higher levels of understanding.


Graduality is a crucial aspect in various fields, such as education, personal growth, and project management. It emphasizes the importance of incremental progress and avoiding sudden, drastic changes.

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