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Noun gnomon has 1 sense
  1. gnomon - indicator provided by the stationary arm whose shadow indicates the time on the sundial
    --1 is a kind of
    --1 is a part of sundial

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Noun (Mathematics)

1. A part of an ancient astronomical instrument consisting of a vertical rod or plate that casts a shadow, enabling the position of the sun or stars to be calculated.

Sample sentence: The gnomon of the sundial was carefully aligned to accurately measure the time.

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Noun (Geometry)

1. The part of a parallelogram or circular sector which remains after the removal of a similar parallelogram or circular sector respectively from one of its corners.

Sample sentence: By subtracting the smaller sector from the larger one, we can find the area of the gnomon between them.

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Noun (Mythology)

1. A legendary dwarf-like creature in folklore, often depicted as a small bearded man wearing a pointed hat.

Sample sentence: According to the stories, gnomons are skilled craftsmen who live underground.

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Noun (Architecture)

1. An ornament or design representing a small pyramidal or conical structure, often found as a decorative element on buildings.

Sample sentence: The gnomons on the corners of the roof added an elegant touch to the otherwise plain building.

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Noun (Botany)

1. The upper part of the shaft of a leaf.

Sample sentence: The gnomon of the leaf provided support and allowed for optimal sunlight absorption.

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