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genus priacanthus


Definitions from WordNet

Noun genus priacanthus has 1 sense
  1. Priacanthus, genus Priacanthus - type genus of the Priacanthidae
    --1 is a kind of fish genus
    --1 is a member of Priacanthidae, family Priacanthidae
    --1 has members: bigeye; catalufa, Priacanthus arenatus

Definitions from the Web

Genus Priacanthus

Definition: Genus Priacanthus refers to a group of marine fishes belonging to the family Priacanthidae, commonly known as bigeyes. They are predominantly found in tropical and subtropical regions of the world's oceans.


  1. Noun: A taxonomic classification of fishes within the family Priacanthidae.
  2. Noun: Any specific species belonging to the genus Priacanthus.

Sample Sentences:

  1. The genus Priacanthus includes several species that exhibit vibrant color patterns.
  2. The Priacanthus blochii, a popular fish from the genus Priacanthus, is often found near coral reefs.
  3. Researchers have discovered a new species within the genus Priacanthus, resembling a previously known species.
  4. The fishermen caught a large genus Priacanthus during their deep-sea expedition.

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