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fungus family

Noun fungus family has 1 sense
  1. fungus family - includes lichen families
    --1 is a kind of
    --1 is a member of Fungi, kingdom Fungi, fungus kingdom
    --1 has particulars:
     Erysiphaceae, family Erysiphaceae; Sphaeriaceae, family Sphaeriaceae; Ceratostomataceae, family Ceratostomataceae; Hypocreaceae, family Hypocreaceae; Xylariaceae, family Xylariaceae; Helotiaceae, family Helotiaceae; Sclerotiniaceae, family Sclerotiniaceae; Sclerodermataceae, family Sclerodermataceae; Tulostomaceae, family Tulostomaceae, Tulostomataceae, family Tulostomataceae; Rhizopogonaceae, family Rhizopogonaceae; Mucoraceae, family Mucoraceae; Entomophthoraceae, family Entomophthoraceae; Chytridiaceae, family Chytridiaceae; Blastodiaceae, family Blastodiaceae; Synchytriaceae, family Synchytriaceae; Peronosporaceae, family Peronosporaceae; Albuginaceae, family Albuginaceae; Pythiaceae, family Pythiaceae; Plasmodiophoraceae, family Plasmodiophoraceae; Tuberaceae, family Tuberaceae; Clavariaceae, family Clavariaceae; Hydnaceae, family Hydnaceae; Lecanoraceae, family Lecanoraceae; Roccellaceae, family Roccellaceae; Pertusariaceae, family Pertusariaceae; Usneaceae, family Usneaceae; Cladoniaceae, family Cladoniaceae; Parmeliaceae, family Parmeliaceae; Agaricaceae, family Agaricaceae; Coprinaceae, family Coprinaceae; Russulaceae, family Russulaceae; Strophariaceae, family Strophariaceae; Entolomataceae, family Entolomataceae; Lepiotaceae, family Lepiotaceae; Thelephoraceae, family Thelephoraceae; Tricholomataceae, family Tricholomataceae; Volvariaceae, family Volvariaceae; Pluteaceae, family Pluteaceae; Saccharomycetaceae, family Saccharomycetaceae; Schizosaccharomycetaceae, family Schizosaccharomycetaceae; Aspergillaceae, family Aspergillaceae; Pezizaceae, family Pezizaceae; Morchellaceae, family Morchellaceae; Sarcoscyphaceae, family Sarcoscyphaceae; Helvellaceae, family Helvellaceae; Phallaceae, family Phallaceae; Calostomataceae, family Calostomataceae; Clathraceae, family Clathraceae; Lycoperdaceae, family Lycoperdaceae; Geastraceae, family Geastraceae; Nidulariaceae, family Nidulariaceae; Sphaerobolaceae, family Sphaerobolaceae; Secotiaceae, family Secotiaceae; Polyporaceae, family Polyporaceae; Fistulinaceae, family Fistulinaceae; Boletaceae, family Boletaceae; Tremellaceae, family Tremellaceae; Auriculariaceae, family Auriculariaceae; Dacrymycetaceae, family Dacrymycetaceae; Melampsoraceae, family Melampsoraceae; Pucciniaceae, family Pucciniaceae; Ustilaginaceae, family Ustilaginaceae; Tilletiaceae, family Tilletiaceae; Septobasidiaceae, family Septobasidiaceae; Hygrophoraceae, family Hygrophoraceae; Cortinariaceae, family Cortinariaceae; Moniliaceae, family Moniliaceae; Dematiaceae, family Dematiaceae; Tuberculariaceae, family Tuberculariaceae; Geoglossaceae, family Geoglossaceae
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