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fuel indicator


Definitions from WordNet

Noun fuel indicator has 1 sense
  1. fuel gauge, fuel indicator - an indicator of the amount of fuel remaining in a vehicle
    --1 is a kind of indicator
    --1 is a part of fuel system

Definitions from the Web

Fuel Indicator

A fuel indicator is a device or instrument that provides information about the amount of fuel remaining in a vehicle or machine.

1. Noun - Device

Definition: A device or instrument that shows the amount of fuel left in a vehicle or machine.

Example: The fuel indicator on my car's dashboard is showing that I need to refill the tank soon.

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2. Noun - Reading

Definition: The reading or measurement provided by a fuel indicator.

Example: The fuel indicator is displaying a low reading, indicating that we should stop for gas.

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3. Adjective - Popular

Definition: Referring to a fuel indicator that is widely used and well-liked by people.

Example: The XYZ brand of fuel indicator is known to be highly accurate and popular among drivers.

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4. Adjective - Local

Definition: Referring to a fuel indicator that is specific or relevant to a particular locality or area.

Example: The local automotive shop sells fuel indicators specifically designed for trucks used in our region.

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