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Definitions from WordNet

Adverbial fortunately has 1 sense
  1. fortunately, fortuitously, luckily, as luck would have it - by good fortune; "fortunately the weather was good"
    Antonyms: unfortunately, unluckily, regrettably, alas
    Derived from adjective fortunate1

Definitions from the Web

Term: fortunately


Adverb: in a way that is lucky or fortunate; by good luck

Sense 1

Usage: She had lost her way but, fortunately, a kind stranger guided her back.

Example sentence: Fortunately, we were able to catch the last train home.

Sense 2

Usage: He stumbled on a hidden treasure, and fortunately, no one else knew about it.

Example sentence: Fortunately, the storm passed without causing any major damage to the town.

Sense 3

Usage: Fortunately, the restaurant she wanted to try was just around the corner.

Example sentence: The job offer came at a time when she needed it most, fortunately.

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