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fenusa pusilla


Definitions from WordNet

Noun fenusa pusilla has 1 sense
  1. birch leaf miner, Fenusa pusilla - small black sawfly native to Europe but established in eastern United States; larvae mine the leaves of birches causing serious defoliation
    --1 is a kind of sawfly

Definitions from the Web

Fenusa Pusilla

Part of speech: noun

Sense 1: A species of sawfly from the family Tenthredinidae, commonly found in North America.

Sample sentence 1: The fenusa pusilla is known for its greenish-black body and orange antennae.

Sense 2: A type of plant parasitic nematode that infects the roots of various plants.

Sample sentence 2: The fenusa pusilla nematode can cause significant damage to crop yields if left untreated.

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