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family mutillidae


Definitions from WordNet

Noun family mutillidae has 1 sense
  1. Mutillidae, family Mutillidae - a family of wasps
    --1 is a kind of hymenopterous insect, hymenopteran, hymenopteron, hymenopter
    --1 has members: velvet ant

Definitions from the Web

Family Mutillidae


The family Mutillidae refers to a group of insects commonly known as velvet ants. They are a diverse family of solitary wasps that can be found worldwide.


  1. Noun: A family of insects known as velvet ants.
  2. Noun: The specific family Mutillidae, which includes various species of velvet ants.


Sense 1: The family Mutillidae consists of around 7,000 known species, with unique characteristics and color patterns.

Sense 2: Mutillidae is the largest family within the order Hymenoptera.

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