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family cactaceae

Noun family cactaceae has 1 sense
  1. Cactaceae, family Cactaceae, cactus family - constituting the order Opuntiales
    --1 is a kind of caryophylloid dicot family
    --1 is a member of Opuntiales, order Opuntiales
    --1 has members:
     cactus; Acanthocereus, genus Acanthocereus; Aporocactus, genus Aporocactus; Ariocarpus, genus Ariocarpus; Carnegiea, genus Carnegiea; Cereus, genus Cereus; genus Coryphantha; genus Echinocactus; Echinocereus, genus Echinocereus; genus Epiphyllum; Ferocactus, genus Ferocactus; Gymnocalycium, genus Gymnocalycium; Harrisia, genus Harrisia; Hatiora, genus Hatiora; Hylocereus, genus Hylocereus; Lemaireocereus, genus Lemaireocereus; Lophophora, genus Lophophora; genus Mammillaria; Melocactus, genus Melocactus; Myrtillocactus, genus Myrtillocactus; Pediocactus, genus Pediocactus; Nopalea, genus Nopalea; Opuntia, genus Opuntia; Pereskia, genus Pereskia, Peireskia, genus Peireskia; Rhipsalis, genus Rhipsalis; Schlumbergera, genus Schlumbergera; Selenicereus, genus Selenicereus; Zygocactus, genus Zygocactus
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