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Definitions from WordNet

Verb excel has 1 sense
  1. excel, stand out, surpass - distinguish oneself; "She excelled in math"
    Derived form: noun excellence1
    Sample sentences:
    Something ----s
    Somebody ----s

Definitions from the Web

Term: Excel

Part of Speech: Verb

Sense 1:

Definition: To be exceptionally good at something; to surpass others in performance or achievement.

Example Sentence: She excels in mathematics and consistently receives top grades.

Part of Speech: Noun

Sense 1:

Definition: A popular spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft.

Example Sentence: I use Microsoft Excel regularly to manage my financial data.

Sense 2:

Definition: A great or impressive quality or talent.

Example Sentence: His ability to analyze complex data sets is his greatest excel in the workplace.

Part of Speech: Adjective

Sense 1:

Definition: Popular; frequently chosen or preferred by people.

Example Sentence: The excel option for vacation destinations is Hawaii.

Sense 2:

Definition: Local; referring to a specific place or area.

Example Sentence: The restaurant serves excel cuisine, focusing on locally sourced ingredients.

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