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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective electrostatic has 1 sense
  1. electrostatic, static - concerned with or producing or caused by static electricity; "an electrostatic generator produces high-voltage static electricity"

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Term: Electrostatic


The term "electrostatic" refers to the branch of physics that deals with the effects of stationary or slow-moving electric charges. It involves the study of electric fields and how they affect various objects and materials.

Senses and Usages:

1. Adjective - Pertaining to static electricity:

- The electrostatic charge on the balloon made it stick to the wall.

- The student observed the electrostatic attraction between the charged rods.

- The experiments focused on studying the electrostatic forces between different materials.

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2. Adjective - Produced by or related to electric charges at rest:

- The electrostatic field around the charged object affected the nearby conductors.

- The electrostatic potential energy of the system needed to be calculated.

- The team conducted an electrostatic analysis of the circuit to identify potential issues.

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3. Noun - The electricity generated by friction or induction:

- The safety precautions were in place to prevent any electrostatic during the experiment.

- The device effectively removed electrostatic from the surface.

- The technician measured the electrostatic of the object using specialized equipment.

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4. Adverb - In relation to stationary or slow-moving electric charges:

- The particles were attracted electrostatically to the charged plate.

- The coating was applied electrostatically to ensure uniform coverage.

- The engineer designed the system to operate electrostatically in low-power mode.

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