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efrem zimbalist


Definitions from WordNet

Noun efrem zimbalist has 1 sense
  1. Zimbalist, Efrem Zimbalist - United States violinist (born in Russia) (1889-1985)
    --1 is a kind of violinist, fiddler

Definitions from the Web

Efrem Zimbalist


  1. A renowned Russian-American violinist and composer.
  2. An American actor known for his roles in various television shows and films.

Example Sentences:

  1. As a violinist, Efrem Zimbalist captivated audiences with his exceptional performances.
  2. Efrem Zimbalist is remembered as one of the greatest composers of his time.
  3. Efrem Zimbalist gained fame for his leading role in the hit television series "The FBI".
  4. With his remarkable talent, Efrem Zimbalist established himself as a prominent actor in Hollywood.

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