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dizygotic twin


Definitions from WordNet

Noun dizygotic twin has 1 sense
  1. fraternal twin, dizygotic twin - either of two twins who developed from two separate fertilized eggs
    --1 is a kind of twin

Definitions from the Web

dizygotic twin

Definition: A dizygotic twin, also known as a fraternal twin, is one of two offspring produced from two separate eggs fertilized by two different sperm cells, resulting in two genetically distinct individuals who are born at the same time.


1. Noun - Biological sense

Definition: A dizygotic twin refers to a pair of siblings who are conceived at the same time but develop from two separate fertilized eggs, having different genetic identities.

Example Sentence: My aunt gave birth to dizygotic twins, a boy and a girl, and they have different eye colors.

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2. Adjective - Popular sense

Definition: In a more general sense, dizygotic twin is used to describe any non-identical twins, irrespective of how they were conceived.

Example Sentence: The television show featured a pair of dizygotic twins who had completely different personalities and interests.

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3. Adjective - Local sense

Definition: In certain cultural contexts, dizygotic twin can be used to refer specifically to twins who are born within a particular local community.

Example Sentence: The African tribe celebrates the birth of dizygotic twins as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity for the community.

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