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Term: Discursive


Discursive is an adjective that describes something characterized by digressions, tangents, or lengthy discussions that deviate from the main topic. It refers to a type of speech or writing that explores various ideas or points without a specific focus or aim.


Sense 1:

When used to describe a person or their speech, discursive refers to someone who tends to wander off-topic, making numerous detours in their conversation.

Example Sentence: The professor's discursive lectures often left his students confused and struggling to stay engaged.

Sense 2:

When pertaining to a piece of writing or a conversation, discursive indicates a discourse that involves a wide range of topics or ideas.

Example Sentence: The author's discursive novel meandered through various historical events, providing a rich tapestry of interconnected stories.

Sense 3:

In philosophy, discursive can refer to reasoning that is characterized by continuous, orderly, and logical steps to attain knowledge or truth.

Example Sentence: Plato's dialogues employ discursive methods to examine abstract concepts such as justice and virtue.


The term discursive is commonly used in literary criticism, philosophy, and academic contexts.

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