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Term: dem


1. Noun: Informal abbreviation for "democrat".

2. Noun: Short for "demonstration"; a public show of support or protest.

3. Noun: Abbreviation for "demultiplexer"; a component in electronics used to separate a single input signal into multiple output lines.

4. Noun: Short for "demigod"; a mythical being who is part human and part deity.

5. Adjective: Informal abbreviation for "demonstrative"; showing feelings openly or making feelings and thoughts clear.


1. As a noun: The debate was between a dem and a republican.

2. As a noun: Thousands of people gathered for a dem in front of the city hall.

3. As a noun: The circuit requires a dem to separate the signals.

4. As a noun: In some mythologies, dems are considered to be powerful beings.

5. As an adjective: His dem nature made it easy for people to understand what he was feeling.

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