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Adjective delinquent has 4 senses
  1. delinquent - guilty of a minor misdeed; "delinquent minors"
    innocent, guiltless, clean-handed (indirect, via guilty)
  2. derelict, delinquent, neglectful, remiss - failing in what duty requires; "derelict (or delinquent) in his duty"; "neglectful of his duties"; "remiss of you not to pay your bills"
    Antonym: diligent (indirect, via negligent)
  3. delinquent - persistently bad; "school for delinquent boys"
    corrigible (indirect, via incorrigible)
  4. delinquent, overdue - past due; not paid at the scheduled time; "an overdue installment"; "a delinquent account"
    Antonyms: undue, not due (indirect, via due)
Noun delinquent has 1 sense
  1. delinquent, juvenile delinquent - a young offender
    --1 is a kind of wrongdoer, offender
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