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defense lawyer


Definitions from WordNet

Noun defense lawyer has 1 sense
  1. defense attorney, defense lawyer - the lawyer representing the defendant
    --1 is a kind of lawyer, attorney

Definitions from the Web

Defense Lawyer


A defense lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in representing individuals or organizations who have been accused of committing a crime. They work diligently to defend the rights of their clients and navigate the legal system.

Senses and Usages

1. Noun - Legal Profession

A defense lawyer is a licensed attorney who provides legal counsel and representation to defendants in criminal cases. They act as advocates for their clients, helping them navigate the legal process, build a strong defense, and protect their rights.

Example Sentence: The defense lawyer argued passionately for his client's innocence.

2. Noun - Criminal Defense Specialist

When a person is charged with a crime, they may seek the assistance of a defense lawyer who specializes in criminal defense. These lawyers possess in-depth knowledge of criminal law and procedures to best defend their clients against criminal charges.

Example Sentence: The accused hired a skilled defense lawyer to ensure a fair trial.

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