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data track


Definitions from WordNet

Noun data track has 1 sense
  1. track, data track - (computer science) one of the circular magnetic paths on a magnetic disk that serve as a guide for writing and reading data
    --1 is a kind of path, route, itinerary

Definitions from the Web

Data Track


A data track refers to a segment or area on a storage medium, such as a disk or tape, that is used to record and store data. It allows for efficient organization and retrieval of information.


Sense 1: Physical Location

In the context of storage devices, a data track refers to a physically defined path on the medium where data is written or read.

Example: The hard drive is divided into multiple data tracks, allowing for the storage of large amounts of information.

Sense 2: Digital Monitoring

Data track can also refer to the process of collecting and monitoring digital information, such as user activity or system performance.

Example: The company uses data tracks to analyze user behavior on their website and make informed business decisions.


Popular Usage:

Data tracks are commonly used in the field of computer science and technology, especially in the context of storage devices and digital monitoring.

Local Usage:

In local communities, a data track can sometimes refer to a designated route or path used for tracking or collecting data, particularly in scientific research or environmental studies.

Sample Sentences:

1. The data track on the DVD enables the smooth playback of the movie.

2. Our website analytics tool provides detailed data tracks to help us understand our user's preferences.

3. Researchers used GPS devices to track the movement of animals along the data track.

4. The data track on the tape drive stores all the valuable information for effective data backups.

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