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Noun cyperus has 1 sense
  1. Cyperus, genus Cyperus - type genus of Cyperaceae; grasslike rhizomatous herbs; cosmopolitan except very cold regions
    --1 is a kind of monocot genus, liliopsid genus; Cyperaceae, family Cyperaceae, sedge family
    --1 has members:
     umbrella plant, umbrella sedge, Cyperus alternifolius; chufa, yellow nutgrass, earth almond, ground almond, rush nut, Cyperus esculentus; galingale, galangal, Cyperus longus; papyrus, Egyptian paper reed, Egyptian paper rush, paper rush, paper plant, Cyperus papyrus; nutgrass, nut grass, nutsedge, nut sedge, Cyperus rotundus
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