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Definitions from WordNet

Noun cuspidation has 1 sense
  1. cuspidation - a decoration using cusps
    --1 is a kind of

Definitions from the Web

Term: cuspidation


Definition: The condition of having cusps or pointed projections.
Example Sentence: - The cuspidation of the molar teeth helps in the efficient grinding of food.
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15 Similar Terms:

1. Cusp 2. Tooth shape 3. Pointed projections 4. Daggers 5. Spiked edges 6. Serrated tips 7. Jagged points 8. Tapered ends 9. Acute angles 10. Denticle 11. Tooth extraction 12. Dentition 13. Enamel 14. Dental point 15. Tooth formation


Definition: Describing something that is pointed or containing cusps.
Example Sentence: - The cuspidation pattern on the ancient pottery was intricate and precise.
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15 Similar Terms:

1. Pointed 2. Cuspidate 3. Angular 4. Sharp 5. Jagged 6. Spiked 7. Tapered 8. Acute 9. Prickled 10. Serrated 11. Edged 12. Toothed 13. Tipped 14. Dentate 15. Thorny


Definition: The act of forming cusps or pointed projections.
Example Sentence: - The potter carefully cuspidated the clay edges to create an interesting texture.
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15 Similar Terms:

1. Form cusps 2. Shape pointedly 3. Create projections 4. Produce spikes 5. Mold jaggedly 6. Sculpt sharply 7. Carve tapered ends 8. Sculpture with acute angles 9. Construct toothed patterns 10. Chisel serrations 11. Design edged features 12. Fashion acute tips 13. Etch dentate surfaces 14. Engrave thorny textures 15. Finely sculpt denticle formations
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