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create by mental act


Definitions from WordNet

Verb create by mental act has 1 sense
  1. create by mental act, create mentally - create mentally and abstractly rather than with one's hands
    --1 is one way to make, create
    Sample sentence:
    Somebody ----s something

Definitions from the Web

Create by Mental Act


Create by Mental Act refers to the process of bringing something into existence solely through the power of one's mind and imagination, without any physical action.

Sense 1:

(Noun) Using mental imagination to manifest an idea or concept.

Example Sentence: The artist's masterpiece was a create by mental act, as he envisioned every detail in his mind before even touching a paintbrush.

Sense 2:

(Verb) The act of generating thoughts or ideas without external stimulation.

Example Sentence: She could create by mental act effortlessly, as her mind was always brimming with innovative concepts.

Sense 3:

(Adjective) Pertaining to the products or creations manifested exclusively through the power of the mind.

Example Sentence: The fictional universe in the novel was a remarkable example of a create by mental act endeavor.

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